Monday, March 12, 2018

My poor Juju: 3-11-18

UPDATE: He will be fine, he just got a boo boo.  From when I squished him, in my chair last week...
Doctor saw a x-ray of his liver being traumized and he said it must have gotten pitched when I went down on him. :(  They said within 3-5 days he should be back to his old self. They sent us home with some anti-inflammatory pills and big bill. :/
I'm just glad, he will be okay. But feel bad, all this was my doing (even though it was an accident). Thanks again all for your prayers and positive thoughts, they helped!


My Julius has not acting himself the past couple days. He will act fine, then he will act skittish and walking around slowly like he's scared or in pain. When I picked him up though today, which he normally does not let me do with some kind of argument, he just did. And just laid on my chest with ease. But it also felt like he was shivering. :(
I called my mom to let her know my concerns as she knew about his recent new behaviors and said he may have gotten into "something" but the question is what?!? As, he has not been outside in awhile.  So, we could use some prayers that whatever is up with Juju will pass.  Because he's my calming boy, and if anything were to happen to him, I don't know what I do. :(

Yes, my mom is willing to take him to the ER Vet if it seems like it's an emergency. But that does not come cheap either. But we will do whatever it takes to see what's wrong with my Juju.

Squishy Juju date: 3-2-18

On March 2nd, 2018:
Nothing like squishing your cat under your lazy boy/Lift chair as you raise it up, slowly then you have no clue which way to go! Back down or continue up! 😭 Thank Goodness my daughter, was able to guide him out and such! He's okay, was scared and timid now.  Don't think he'll hide under my chair again for awhile and I guess I will have to jerk my chair from now on before just going down/up but it does go slow to the begin with, as it was, I had no idea he was under there.  Thought there was a tremor at first, 😐 until it hit me what it was.  😮  My poor Julius. 🙁

Friday, March 9, 2018

Follow up to introducing new furbabies: Julius Story- My stray

I realized after reintroducing my furbabies, technically Marcie and Juluis are both new to this blog as well! 😮 While Marcie's story is special and my daughter saved money to get her herself 4 years ago this coming summer, Julius' story has a story that I can't explain even today. You see, we had George for 3 years. Who was given to us by my friend, but unfortunately, passed away unexpectedly within 24 hr of realizing he was sick. We were heart broken by his death. About 2 weeks after, on a August 2nd, 2012. My daughter then who was only nine, decides to go outside to sit on our front steps, to get some fresh air, to only see a weak cat look at her from the neighbors steps, to meow at her,the slowly approach her. He was looking for love and affection. Eventually, she picked him up and brought him inside the house and goes to me, "Mama, what should we do with him?" With three cats in our home at that time, I said, I don't know? And not to mention it was really to late to think about that until the next day, so, I told her, he could stay the night in her room until we could figure something out. But you see, this particular cat, drew me and my heart, right away as number one, he came to my daughter for help, he was starving not only for food but possibly a loving home, which could provide and he knew that by seeing my daughter. Secondly, he had the same colorings as our late George! History is that we kept him in our home and our family. But as days and weeks of him being a part of our lives, I knee there was another reason he came into our lives. He was sharing the same or the identical traits as George had as Well! For example, our George, out of all our cats, would try and break out of our back door, so we had to "catproof" our door and had to do the same for our Julius! My daughter wanted to name, Julius after the "Orange Julius" from Dairy Queen but his first name would be Julius and his middle name would be "Orange". I thought that was a cute name. Juju being short. Years later, we realized even though, George was his given name, My daughter gave him his middle name, "Orange" as well! How canny is that! I will leave you with some comparable pictures of the two, so you can see for yourself and a video of George trying to escape as Juju does the same!
Comparison picture
The video of George, trying to escape!

We are back! It has been a long time coming! Some updates...

First of all, since I last posted we have lost two furbabies in our lives, one being George and another dear furbaby dear to our hearts and especially to my daughter, Alexis, who is now 15! George, passed on suddenly, he was only 3 yrs old,in the Summer of 2013 of an unknown cause Then there was Angel Prince. He was only 8 yrs old. Since his death was somewhat unexpectedly, I will explain briefly about
his last month with us as quickly things can go wrong. About a month prior to his passing (11-1-15), we found him limping and we took him to the Emergency Vet, ASAP, they assured us he will be fine and he just had to walk that out and he may have just jumped incorrectly. But yes, to keep a close eye on his weight as he was in danger in being a diabetic but not yet. He sure was our Fatty, at the time, he was about 21 lbs. And he was healthy otherwise. On November 1, 2015, we found him dead, they believe it was a possible heart attack. RIP Angel Prince.
It was hard to say goodbye and move on to happier things until Alexis met this little girl, who she named Sylvia (almost 2 weeks later) as she was trying to find that purrfect name that she would like and for Mom (me) and her grandma can pronounce lol. Sylvia warmed our hearts and made us happy again, not forget or to replace Angel Prince as, there's no cat in this world that could replace him. Sylvia came into our lives in November of 2015, as a 3 month old kitten. Today, she is (will be) a feisty 3 yr old!
But as of today in March 2018 we also have; Sadie, now 18, Luella going on 6 yrs old, Julius, going on 6, and Marcie going on 4.
Well, that's it for now, for reintroducing my blog and updating our newest furbabies in our family. I hope you enjoy. And I am going to try and keep this blog more active!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Kitty Bed for the Furbabies!

RIP My Purrrect Tiffani 7-14-11

(TY Melissa Lane for your copy)

My Tiffani finally went to the rainbow bridge on 7-14-11 when her body just could not fight to live anymore. She had suffered breathing problems for a long time and also was deaf. My Mom took her home after the vets and allowed her to pass on where she loved being at the most- the breezeway. She was 18 years old so she had a fulfilled life. She will be missed. And always remembered.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bubble Fun!

My daughter and I were blowing bubbles and well our Angel Prince and George were um curious and wanted to have some fun too!