Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cats or Gerbils? LOL

Our Cats are not normal when it comes to drinking water. As you can see here, Sadie here is by their water bottle that they drink out of. Yes it is a gerbil water bottle folks but you see, Angel Prince as a kitten kept knocking over water bowls over and not only did it keep them from getting water to drink, I kept having a wet floor. So we had to come up with another solution and well this was it. My cats then had to learn how to drink like a gerbil as well LOL. I always hope that my cats are not the only weird ones or have such strange habits if not please let me know. ;-)


KnottedFingers said...

Dori that is AWESOME! LOL I love Sadie. She's so beautiful!! Is that a ducky behind her on the floor?

Dori C said...

Thank you hun and yes that is a ducky that I gave Sadie at one Easter when she was a kitten. :) She plays with it still once a while.