Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have you heard of the CAT THIEF? or
He's the ultimate cat burglar. Perhaps because he is a cat. Dusty the cat sneaks out of his San Mateo, California home every night to do a little stealing. He snatches up everything from bathing suits to shoes to children's toys, and according to this AP video has burglarized the neighborhood over 600 times. His record? 11 items stolen in one busy night.

This isn't the first animal to steal from humans. Another cat became infamous for stealing over 57 socks from U.K. neighbors. And a dog once walked into a Salt Lake grocery store, stole a bone, and then fearlessly walked out with it, despite the manager's warnings. So much for a loyal companion.

I had to copy these articles because I thought it was hilarious when I heard about it on Jay Leno.

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